Wholistic Research & Education Foundation Launches Cannabis Research Alliance

Alliance to Create a Community of Responsible Cannabis-Related Businesses Committed to Establishing Trust and Credibility through Legitimate Scientific and Medical Research

(San Diego –  Nov 19, 2019)  Wholistic Research and Education Foundation (Wholistic), a public non-profit dedicated to Cannabis research, education and advocacy, today announced the formation of the Cannabis Research Alliance (CRA or the Alliance), a community of responsible cannabis businesses who are committed to establishing trust and credibility in the sector by supporting legitimate scientific and medical research as well as evidence-based education. CRA will bring together financial support, multi-disciplinary thinking and cutting-edge research needed to explore just how and why cannabis may deliver its broad health benefits. Legacy Group, along with its subsidiary buyCBDproducts.com, and CBDCapitalGroup(CCG) are two thought-leading CBD companies who are showing their commitment by joining the Alliance as Founding Members.

“Cannabis Research Alliance is founded on the idea that responsible cannabis-related businesses want to give back to drive meaningful social impact,” said Pelin Thorogood, President and Co-founder of Wholistic Research and Education Foundation. “The Alliance establishes a united forum to enable comprehensive exploration of the safety and efficacy of both cannabis and CBD products across diverse health conditions.  Our ultimate goal is to share these research findings to drive transparency, and improve awareness and advocacy efforts.”

How The Cannabis Research Alliance membership works:

  • Show up: Commit to donating the equivalent of 1% of gross sales to support research and educational initiatives spearheaded by the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation.
  • Stand out: Elevate your brand citizenship by including the Cannabis Research Alliance logo on your website and  commercially available product packaging.
  • Collaborate: Participate in quarterly calls with the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation and other Alliance members to share industry needs, review progress on existing research projects and discuss future initiatives.

Cannabis Research Alliance certifies all member donations—legitimizing members’ commitment by reviewing and confirming sales and donation details annually.

“We are excited to join the Cannabis Research Alliance as a Founding member to power meaningful evidence-based progress in the industry, ” said Zach Martin, Group President, Cannabis, Legacy Group. “Our mission is to bring proven quality standards and legitimacy to a largely unregulated industry.  Clinical and scientific research to explore how cannabis may deliver its diverse health benefits and its highly personalized effects will not only promote trust in our industry but even more importantly, deliver much-needed data to patients in need.”

“Given the CBDCapitalGroup’s mission to bring quality, efficiency and credibility to the cannabis industry, we see this alliance as a big step towards accomplishing these key objectives,” said David Metzer the CEO of CBDCapitalGroup. “We believe in the potential for hemp-derived CBD to help reduce a significant amount of pain and suffering. Our goal is to legitimize the cannabis industry through medical outcome studies that result in at least 10 million people with measurable improvements to their quality of life. Our research partnership with Wholistic will help us realize this goal with a clinical-based approach.”

In line with its mission to understand why cannabis benefits certain health conditions, Wholistic is involved in groundbreaking cannabis efficacy studies in partnership with major research institutes, including UC San Diego, the University of Utah and UCLA.  The various research initiatives seek to determine dose, frequency, timing of use, and delivery methods most associated with therapeutic benefit for specific indications, as well as explore the underlying mechanisms of action that may explain how cannabis delivers its diverse benefits as well as its personalized effects.

About Wholistic Research and Education Foundation

Wholistic Research and Education Foundation is a public nonprofit dedicated to exploring the health benefits of CBD-rich therapeutics through funding clinical and scientific research as well as increasing safe and legal access to those in need via advocacy and education.  Promoting a multi-disciplinary approach, Wholistic research initiatives explore underlying mechanisms of action that may explain how cannabis delivers its diverse health benefits as well as its personalized effects.  The Wholistic Medical Advisory Committee includes some of the most distinguished MDs, scientists, researchers and policy experts in the country. Learn more at https://wholistic.org/.

About The Legacy Group

The Legacy Group is an alternative asset manager that targets profitable investment opportunities with high social and environmental impact throughout Colombia, including the cannabis space.  buyCBDproducts.com, wholly owned by the Legacy Group, is an online marketplace, designed to help health-conscious online shoppers find high-quality CBD products they can trust. With a mission to bring proven quality standards and legitimacy to a largely unregulated industry. All Buycbdproducts.com offerings must pass through stringent, globally-recognized testing protocols.

About CBDCapitalGroup

CBDCapitalGroup (“CCG” or the “Company”) is an investment and scaling company that acquires and develops mid-stage CBD and hemp nutraceutical companies to promote both financial and professional success. CCG is led by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have managed over $1 billion in combined revenue over their careers, and now apply their diverse business experiences to establish trust, quality standards and efficiencies in the CBD market. The Company provides CBD industry entrepreneurs a faster path to revenue growth and liquidity with capital, expert advice and operational resources needed to scale already profitable businesses.

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