Powered by Strong Public and Private Partnerships

The Wholistic Research and Education Foundation is proud to partner with philanthropists, corporations, research institutes and complimentary non-profits to explore how and why CBD may benefit a wide range of health conditions, and drive education and advocacy efforts based on this evidence-based data. Our partners contribute more than just the funds that power our groundbreaking research programs. Their expertise, leadership and in-kind support also help promote much needed public awareness related to cannabis and health.

Our philanthropic partners empower Wholistic to support the most cutting edge research in the industry. We take a “venture philanthropy” approach to our work by identifying the top researchers and having our Medical Advisory Committee collaborate with them in study design to mitigate risk for these ambitious projects. We also surround each project with active resources and non-monetary support that dramatically increases the impact of each investment.

Industry partners are a key component of Wholistic’s approach to research. The cannabis industry is moving quickly with a near-continual flow of new products and companies entering the market. Wholistic partners with innovative companies who understand the importance of evidence-based data and education to the credibility and legitimacy of the industry at large. While there are numerous ways for corporations to support our broad range of projects, the Cannabis Research Alliance offers organizations committed to a deeper understanding of cannabis science a more meaningful way to partner with Wholistic.

Wholistic is proud to partner with a diverse group of non-profit and community organizations with aligned goals. These partnerships help us advance our common mission around cannabis research, education and advocacy. Our approach to all projects is multi-disciplinary and network focused, with the objective of bringing together groups from all facets of the industry to address big, complex problems.

Wholistic partners with some of the top cannabis research institutes in the country. Their highly skilled research and medical professionals apply innovative methodologies and technologies to better understand cannabis safety, efficacy, dosage and delivery mechanisms around various indications. They also bring in cutting-edge, multidisciplinary approach needed to explore the specific mechanisms of action for various cannabis compounds to be able to translate findings for broader scientific use.

“This unique study will not only answer important questions about how CBD and THC affect brain function but will also provide critical experience, data and infrastructure that will allow our team to continue to effectively compete for research funding from the National Institutes of Health and other funding agencies to extend our findings into clinical trials and pursue new avenues of research opened up by these results.”

Jeffrey Anderson, MD, PhDAssociate Professor of Radiology, University of Utah