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UC San DiegoA first-of-its-kind study at UC San Diego will explore whether CBD therapies can reduce behavioral abnormalities in children with Autism and, if so, how? This ground-breaking multidisciplinary effort spans clinical, genetic, stem cell and neuroscience techniques  across the same cohort of patients, to offer the first comprehensive exploration on the mechanism of action for CBD efficacy for Autism. Using induced plori-potent stem cells (AKA patient-derived organoids) to augment the clinical trial, the researchers will seek to understand whether CBD may correct imbalances in inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters, modify neural network signaling or protect against neuroinflammation. The study has recently received IRB approval, and is set to begin by early January 2020. The $4.7 million grant for this study represents the largest known private gift to date for medicinal cannabis research in the United States.