We’re excited to kick off Phase 1 of a multi-phase Therapeutic Impact of Cannabis for Insomnia project with researchers from University of California, Los Angeles.  The initial phase involves a phone interview to identify the types of cannabis products adults are currently using to address insomnia, as well details on dose, frequency, timing of use, and delivery methods most associated with therapeutic benefit.

Phase 2 will be an open-label study examining the effects of escalating doses of cannabis-derived cannabinoids on insomnia, and will draw from the knowledge gained from the interviews conducted in Phase 1. Objective measures of improvements in insomnia will be obtained by monitoring sleep with wearable devices. This will provide key information on the optimal cannabis/cannabinoid dosing for addressing insomnia, which researchers will use to inform a controlled clinical evaluation of cannabis-based cannabinoid efficacy in phase 3.

This final phase will be a randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial evaluating the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of THC, CBD and their combination for insomnia using both a lab-based clinical sleep study and wearable devices to monitor sleep functioning. This trial will also involve collection of blood samples, which will be used to understand the role of genetic markers and the body’s inflammatory response in treatment response to these cannabinoids.

Using behavioral, sleep-related, genetic, and inflammatory response data collected in this final phase, researchers will generate a personalized visualization tool allowing for prediction of one’s insomnia symptom response to these cannabinoids. This series of studies has immediate relevance for the public, as they would provide information on optimal cannabis dosing, and the degree to which THC and CBD provide therapeutic benefit for insomnia.

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